Sustainable Tourism Initiatives to Look for When Booking a Hotel

Sustainable Tourism Initiatives to Look for When Booking a Hotel


Sustainable Tourism Initiatives to Look for When Booking a Boracay Hotel

Many people remember the infamous shutting down of Boracay for six months due in an effort to clean up the environment. As a result, many hotels and businesses on the island have made it a priority to implement a variety of sustainability practices in their day-to-day operations to help preserve Boracay’s natural beauty.

Naturally, no one wants a repeat of the infamous shut down. Tourists visiting Boracay are highly encouraged to stay in sustainable hotels near D’Mall. Of course, different hotels offer the same sustainable tourism initiatives as each other. If you are still looking to book a hotel for your next beach getaway, try to see if your preferred hotel have these sustainable tourism initiatives in place:

CSR initiatives focused on sustainability

Hotel management and ownership throughout Boracay understand that sustainable tourism is more than just a buzzword. This is why a good number of hotels spearhead sustainable and eco-friendly CSR projects and initiatives. Such examples include spearheading beach clean-ups, championing the use of electric vehicles on the island, setting up recycling programs, and encouraging the installation of environment-friendly systems.

Reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastics

It’s not a secret that single-use plastic is one of the top pollutants in the environment. Knowing this, hotels have also joined the movement to reduce single-use plastic to comply with local ordinances. One great example is Feliz Hotel Boracay, one of the top Boracay hotels in Station 2. Instead of giving out complimentary plastic water bottles, they provide guests with refillable glass bottles for water.

Sourcing of local ingredients

Another practice that sustainable hotels in Boracay do is to procure local ingredients for their dining establishments. By tapping local purveyors, ingredients are fresher, the pricing is competitive, and the turnaround time to get to the hotel is lower compared to importing them from another city. In terms of sustainability, sourcing local ingredients can significantly reduce excess carbon emissions that occur as the ingredients are delivered to the island.

Encouraging guests to participate

The best hotels in Boracay understand that it takes a concerted group effort to foster sustainable tourism on the island. This is why many hotels also encourage guests to help them with their sustainability efforts. Many hotels may offer reusable bags to their guests instead of plastic bags. Some places explicitly ask if a guest would like to have their sheets changed in an effort to reduce water consumption. By making guests aware about how the little things do make a difference, they, in turn, will be able to bring this awareness and can practice these in other properties or at home.

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