First Time Staying in a Boracay Hotel? Here’s a Fun-Filled 3D2N Sample Itinerary

First Time Staying in a Boracay Hotel? Here’s a Fun-Filled 3D2N Sample Itinerary


It’s easy to get lost in the many sights, sounds, and smells of Boracay. It’s not uncommon for guests to feel like they haven’t made the most out of their visit by the time they reach the end of their stay, especially for those who are on shorter trips. However, this doesn’t mean that a shorter trip won’t let you enjoy Boracay’s main attractions. With all the comfiest Boracay hotels and hottest tourist attractions in mind, here is a sample 3-day,2-night itinerary for your first time in Boracay.

Day One

8:00AM-Arrive at Caticlan airport terminal
8:15AM-Airport terminal to Boracay ferry
8:45AM-Cagban port to Boracay port
9:00AM-Leave bags at the Hotel
9:30AM-Swimming at White Beach
12:00NN-Lunch at D’Mall
2:00PM- Check-in at Hotel
5:00PM-Sunset Chasing at White Beach or Buenavista

For first-time visitors, booking a hotel in station 2 is ideal since it places you right in the middle of the action. Out of all the Boracay hotels in station 2, Feliz Hotel Boracay is located directly within D’Mall, placing you right next to the hottest restaurants, bars, and shops in Boracay.

Day Two

9:00AM-Mount Luho Hike/Island hopping
12:00PM-Lunch at D’Mall
1:00PM-Cliff diving at Ariel’s point
3:00PM-Parasailing by the beach front
5:00PM-Early dinner at La Plaza
6:00PM- Boracay pub crawl

The second day will be a day of sun, sand, and sailing and high-octane leaps of faith. Boracay’s chock full of amazing and fun activities after all! Starting off the day with a hike to the scenic Mount Luho observation deck or an Island-hopping tour around the many scattered islands that surround the island is sure to warm you up for all of the day’s adventures. Get butterflies in your stomach leaping off ledges at Ariel’s point before fully conquering that fear of heights as you parasail over the shoreline. Celebrate the day’s adventures with a Latin-Filipino dinner and a well-curated ambiance at La Plaza in Feliz Hotel Boracay. Afterwards, explore the vibrant nightlife by going on the famous Boracay Pub Crawl.

Day Three

6:00AM-Early breakfast
7:00AM-Talipapa market shopping
9:00AM- Souvenir Shopping at D’Mall
12:00PM-Hotel checkout
12:15PM-Hotel to Boracay Port
12:45PM-Boracay port to Cagban Port
1:00PM-arrival at Caticlan airport

Waking up early enough to catch the scenic Boracay sunrise is the best way to commemorate the last day of your stay on the island. Making sure to load up with a filling breakfast, travelers can go shopping for souvenirs at the many stores in D’Mall. Getting off of the island is exactly the same way as you got in, so once you check out, you’ll need to ride the ferry to get to Cagban port and another ride to get to the airport.

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