Four Beach Activities You Can Try Even with Social Distancing Protocols in Place

Four Beach Activities You Can Try Even with Social Distancing Protocols in Place

Beach lovers everywhere are undoubtedly awaiting the reopening of Boracay to tourists. After all, Boracay is still one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, filled with beautiful coastlines, fantastic restaurants, and relaxing hotels. Even when Boracay reopens to the general public, however, it is expected that local authorities will strictly enforce social distancing measures. Given how Boracay is often the site of many social gatherings, it does make one wonder what beach activities can be included in one’s itinerary. Don’t fret. There are still a ton of beach activities available to you, your family, and your friends after you’ve checked in at your Station 2 Hotel in Boracay. Here are some of our recommended activities:

Explore the Skies by Parasailing

Most people have had dreams of flying through the sky. While we can’t do so on our own, we can get pretty close by going to the beach and trying parasailing. It’s also a fantastic activity if you want a unique and unobstructed view of Boracay. Parasailing is typically done in pairs, but you can easily request to use a single harness to help you follow social distancing measures–on top of the fact that you’ll be several meters in the sky.

Ride the Tide by Renting a Jet Ski

If speed is more up your alley, you may want to go ahead and rent a jet ski instead. Few activities are as fun a barrelling down the open waters at top speed. Aside from entertainment, jet skiing also has a few surprising health benefits, such as improved circulation and calorie burning (approximately 200 calories for every 30 minutes). The activity is also safe since jet skiing is only done in a specific part of the island dedicated to the watersport.

Take a Private Snorkeling Trip

Snorkeling is one of the most popular water activities in Boracay. Thankfully, tourists should be able to take snorkeling trips, but with a few changes. It’s very likely that tourists will have to charter a private island hopping tour, instead of joining a public tour group. Furthermore, the boatmen may put a limit on the number of people allowed to ride. However, snorkeling itself should pose no problems–but it may be a good idea to bring your own gear instead of renting equipment.

Build a Sand Castle with the Kids

Looking for something more family-friendly? If so, you really shouldn’t underestimate building sand castles and other sand structures. Apart from being distinctly white, the sand found in Boracay’s beaches holds together remarkably well. A quick Google search can easily yield thousands of photos of incredible sand structures made by locals and tourists alike.

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