Three More Health and Safety Tips to Follow as You Travel to Your Boracay Hotel

Three More Health and Safety Tips to Follow as You Travel to Your Boracay Hotel

There have been discussions regarding the reopening of Boracay to both local and international tourism as of late. Although there is no word on an exact date, we can all expect Boracay to reopen and welcome travelers once again in the future, especially once a vaccine has been made available to the general public. However, travelers should still take necessary precautions when visiting the island, regardless of whether a vaccine is already available or not. We’ve already discussed three health and safety tips before, but one can never be too careful. With that in mind, here are three more safety measures you should follow as you make your way to your hotel in Station 2.

Check Your Hotel’s Social Media for Their Safety Protocols

When choosing a Boracay hotel to make a booking with, make sure you give their social media accounts a quick scan. The best hotels will be transparent about the measures that they have in place to ensure the health and safety of their guests. Try to look for mentions of cashless transactions, acrylic shields, and disinfection schedules to help you better assess how the hotel aims to keep you and other guests safe.

Wear a Face Shield Over Your Face Mask

At first glance, wearing a face shield may not seem like too much, but they do protect you in a different way. It’s no secret that coronavirus spreads mostly the same way influenza does. Face shields act as a barrier for your eyes, preventing contact with droplets in the air. Similarly, wearing a face mask prevents you from inadvertently touching your eyes with your hands, limiting your risk of infection.

Plan Your Itinerary Wisely

Try to do your research on the sights and activities you plan to add to your itinerary to see what times certain places get crowded. Although social distancing protocols should be in place, there may be issues in certain places during peak hours. In most cases, it is a better idea to go against the grain and visit spots you really want to include in your itinerary when there are less people around.

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