Why Vacationing in a Hotel in Boracay Should be at The Top of Your List After The Pandemic

Why Vacationing in a Hotel in Boracay Should be at The Top of Your List After The Pandemic


There are many gorgeous beaches around the world trying to vye for the attention of beach lovers once it is safe to go on leisure travel once again. If you’ve been longing to escape to the sun, sand, and sea for a while now, you’ve probably been looking at which beaches and hotels you should visit. If so, you should probably consider booking a hotel in Boracay.

There are a number of reasons why international and local tourists should have Boracay as the beach on the top of their lists:

Stunning White Beaches and Crystal Clear Waters

It’s no secret that Boracay is home to some of the most stunning white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters in the world. This is mostly thanks to the efforts of the local government and residents to impose stricter and more sustainable practices across the island. If you thought that the beaches looked absolutely immaculate following Boracay’s temporary closure back in 2018, you can be certain it looks even more stunning now that nature has been given several months to recover.

Team Effort to Keep You Safe

Safety will likely be one of the determining factors when people decide which beach destination to go to. The local government and private businesses in Boracay have worked hand-in-hand to make the island safe for guests once it reopens to everyone. As you’re reading this, more and more businesses are adopting contactless transactions to help curb the spread of pathogens. Government officials are also installing contactless measures for passengers entering the island.

Popular Station 2 Boracay hotels, like Feliz Hotel Boracay, have also implemented a number of safety measures for the benefit of their guests. Some of these measures include more stringent room cleaning procedures and equipping staff with proper personal protective equipment.

It’s Already Been Open for a While

It may surprise some, but Boracay has been open to tourists from Western Visayas for a while now. This was done due to minimal COVID-19 cases and to provide everyone with a “dry run” for the new normal once the island reopens to tourists from outside the region. This dry run has helped make the transition easier for everyone, as well as allowed island leadership to make necessary changes to existing safety procedures. As such, guests who book accommodations in Boracay when it reopens to the general public can be confident that all protocols in place are effective and that everyone you meet is well-versed in how to keep you safe during your vacation.

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