White Sand Christmas: Your Boracay Holiday Guide

White Sand Christmas: Your Boracay Holiday Guide

Boracay is one of the world’s most popular beach destinations, regularly finishing at the top of the rankings from international travel publications. As with most beach destinations, summer is Boracay’s busiest season. However, spending the Christmas holidays at the famous whitesand beaches on the island is another amazing way to experience Boracay.

Take note, though, that planning a Boracay adventure in December is slightly different than organizing a trip during the summer or off peak seasons. If you are planning to spend Christmas and New Year in Boracay, make sure you use the tips below to help you maximize the fun of a  White Sand Christmas.

1. Book Your Tickets and Accommodations in Advance

Christmas is one of the most hotly anticipated holidays in the Philippines, with a large number of Filipinos choosing to travel in late November to mid-January. As a result, hotel rooms sell out rather quickly. To compound matters, many Filipinos choose to go on extended vacation during the week of Christmas due to the close proximity of holidays (December 24, 25, 30, 31, and January 1 are all public holidays in the country). Travelers interested in visiting in December will need to book both your plane ticket and hotel accommodation in Boracay well in advance. You may also want to monitor hotel promo pages to take advantage of Christmas-related stay packages and get the best room rates.

2. Expect Pleasant Weather–Although You’ll Still Want to Pack Sun Protection

December weather in Boracay is warm, yet pleasant, with average highs of 27°C. Furthermore, December sees less rainy days when compared to most other months. The combination of the two means that you’ll be able to spend more time under the sun. With that in mind, you should definitely still bring sun protection with you. Make sure you pack water-resistant sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), sunglasses, and a hat. You’ll also want to schedule indoor activities from 12 noon to 4:00 PM when UV radiation is at its harshest.

3. Start Your Days Early

Make sure you set your alarm clock early during your stay if you want to maximize your holiday fun! The beach can get crowded during the Christmas season thanks to the sheer volume of local and international travelers. Waking up early allows you to pick out a good spot at the beach, as well as sign up for water sport rentals before long lines begin. Additionally, days on Boracay are much shorter in December, which means you’ll want to cross off most of the water-based activities on your itinerary while the sun’s out. Alternatively, the shorter days means you get to enjoy the Boracay nightlife much earlier!

4. Take Advantage of Your Hotel’s Holiday Events

Many of the most popular Station 2 hotels in Boracay will plan special events to help spread the Christmas cheer. These will often include special Noche Buena and Christmas Day buffets, tree lighting ceremonies, and more. Make sure you check out the promo page or events page of your hotel’s website to see what they have lined up during your stay dates. Bonus tip: try to look for promos and deals that package both a hotel room and access to the hotel’s Christmas events. This way, you get the most value out of your stay.

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