3 Fun Activities to Try on a Rainy Day in Boracay

3 Fun Activities to Try on a Rainy Day in Boracay

Needless to say, experiencing a sudden downpour while enjoying Boracay’s iconic white sand beaches is a bummer. Unfortunately, this is a situation that many tourists on the island face every now and then, even during the country’s “dry season”.

Fortunately, there are still many fun activities you can do in Boracay, regardless of whether you’re traveling during the “rainy season” or were simply caught off guard by a sudden rainshower. Some of the best 

Scuba Diving Classes

Why not take advantage of a rainy day to learn something new? Diving is quite popular in Boracay, evidenced by the many scuba diving centers throughout the island. A number of these centers offer indoor diving classes, which provides some fun in the water as well as shelter from the rain.

If you’re interested in taking scuba diving classes while you’re in Boracay, make sure you sign up for classes at a PADI-accredited center. These dive centers will often have multi-lingual PADI-accredited instructors, which assures you that you’re learning from qualified professionals that prioritize both your fun and your safety.

International Food Trip

With tourists from all over the world visiting Boracay on a regular basis, the island’s food scene has become incredibly international as well. This makes a rainy day the perfect excuse to go on an international food trip. The island has a variety of restaurants that offer authentic cuisine. 

Fancy having an Italian experience? Aria has been serving up Italian fare on Boracay for decades. Interested in exploring Latin American cuisine? Head on over to La Plaza. No matter what kind of food you feel like having, you’ll definitely be able to find a restaurant that offers it on the island.

Rainy Day Pampering

It’s no secret that the sound of rain is an idyllic backdrop for when you’re at the spa. This makes getting a massage from the comfort of your hotel in Boracay is a good way to de-stress after having your plans ruined by the rain. Most top-rated hotels, like Feliz Hotel Boracay, will offer in-house massage services to their guests. If you’re caught in the rain while you’re already out, however, there are still many options available as there are several spas and massage services at the beachfront and side streets of Boracay.

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