Up Your Selfie Game: 5 of the Best Instagram Photo Ops in Boracay

Up Your Selfie Game: 5 of the Best Instagram Photo Ops in Boracay

What’s a vacation in Boracay without a selfie to commemorate the trip? Ever since its re-opening, the pictures that people have taken on Boracay Island have been better than ever. Reminiscent of when the island was first visited, many of the Boracay hotels in Station 2, like Feliz Hotel Boracay, are benefitting from the six-month shutdown with a beach worthy of its “paradise” moniker.

For those visiting the island for the first time since it’s reopened, and for those who want those beautiful photos, here are five beautiful Instagram-worthy spots on the island:

  1. White Beach
    After the rehabilitation, Boracay’s famous White Beach is more instagrammable than ever! Now, all Boracay hotels get to enjoy a clean and pristine beach that is instagrammable from almost every location!
  2. Feliz Hotel
    One of the newly opened Boracay hotels, and perhaps one of the prettiest Boracay hotels in Station 2, Feliz Hotel is definitely worthy of “the ‘gram.” Its South American theme is unique on the island and provides tourists with a fresh take on the tropical island paradise. Feliz Hotel is also home to Buenavista, one of the coolest rooftop bars in Boracay! If you’re itching to take that perfect selfie with the gorgeous Boracay sunset, this is definitely the place to do it.
  3. Willy’s Rock
    “Pics or it didn’t happen!” Willy’s Rock is proof that Boracay was visited. All the best hotels in Boracay know exactly where it is, and they’ll all know the best time to go too! For a truly epic ‘gram, go at sunset!
  4. Ariel’s Point
    For the adventure-loving traveler, Ariel’s Point is a jump-off point for one of Boracay’s cliffs. Whether guests are going for a cliff-jump shot or just want a picture with the ocean behind them, this Instagram-spot will not disappoint!
  5. Most Rooftop Bars in Boracay
    Slightly more generic than the last four spots, but the truth is that any rooftop bar that faces White Beach and has a view of the sunset will have a perfect Instagram-spot. Boracay is known for its beautiful sunsets, which is why visitors should definitely find themselves a spot on a roof!

Many of the best hotels in Boracay have instagram-worthy spots, knowing how important it is for guests to document their adventures with pretty pictures. Since the reopening, there is barely an establishment that doesn’t have a picture-perfect location, which means guests need not worry if they never make it to any of the five locations mentioned. No matter where, they will definitely be able to find that perfect ‘gram!


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