Let’s Go to the Beach: Getting to Your Boracay Hotel from Caticlan Airport

Let’s Go to the Beach: Getting to Your Boracay Hotel from Caticlan Airport

Tourism for Boracay is booming once again since it reopened. If you are planning to visit the island for your next beach getaway, however, you need to know that there are a few changes to the transfer process from Caticlan Airport to Boracay. Here is our quick step-by-step guide to help you get to Boracay:

* The guide below is for tourists landing in Caticlan Airport. If your flight will land at Kalibo Airport, simply take a local bus or a chartered tourist van that will transfer you to Caticlan Jetty Port. This transfer will take you roughly two hours, so it’s highly recommended that you select a flight that takes you Caticlan. Once you arrive at the port, simply follow Step 2 onward.

1. Ride a Tricycle Heading Towards the Caticlan Jetty Port

Once you’ve claimed your luggage from the carousel, head out of the airport and make your way to the tricycle terminal. The tricycle, a modified motorcycle with a passenger cabin, is another one of the Philippine’s iconic public transport vehicles. Tell them you want to go to the Caticlan Jetty Port. Pay the fee and you’re on your way!

2. Register with the Philippine Department of Tourism

This is a new step in the process to enter Boracay. As many people already know, Boracay was shut down for several months in April of 2018 to clean up the island. To avoid further environmental damage, the Dept. of Tourism (DOT) now requires both locals and foreign tourists to register before being allowed to enter the island. There will be a desk at the port to assist you with the registration. Simply show them the itinerary from your DOT-approved hotel and you’ll be cleared to enter.

3. Pay the Necessary Fees and Your Jetty Ticket

At the port, you’ll need to pay the following fees: terminal fee (PHP 100), environmental fee (PHP 75). The terminal fee is used for the maintenance of the jetty port. The environmental fee is charged to help fund the cleaning of the ports in Caticlan and Boracay. You’ll also be asked to choose which boat you’d like to ride: Pump Boat (PHP 30) or Oyster Ferry (PHP 100). Both will get you to Boracay safely. The only difference is that the Oyster Ferry is larger and will get you to Boracay faster.

4. Wait to Board the Boat/Ferry!

The Caticlan Jetty Port has a comfortable rest area for passengers waiting to board their respective boats. Take a seat and enjoy the Instagrammable view of the clear waters. A member of the port’s staff will call your attention when it’s time to board your boat. As you are boarding, hand over your ticket for verification. Even if you simply booked a pump boat, you’ll arrive at the Boracay port in around 20 minutes.

5. Take a Tricycle to Your Hotel

After arriving at the Boracay port, grab your luggage and make your way to the port tricycle terminal to transfer you to the Boracay hotel you’ll be staying in. Just let the driver or dispatcher know the name of your hotel and which station it’s located in, e.g. Feliz Hotel Boracay, Station 2. Depending on where you’re staying and the flow of traffic, you can expect to be in your hotel in 10-30 minutes.

Some hotels in Boracay, like Feliz Hotel, may arrange direct transfers for guests who book directly on their website. If you booked direct, it’s a good idea to contact your hotel and ask about this.

Once you arrive at your hotel, head over to the front desk to check in. Then, leave your bags in your room, head over to the seaside, and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Have fun!

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